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About Us

KG Sowers Group Pte Ltd, a private limited company from founding, believes that there is a better way to serving our customers. We believe that customers are earned, from our actions, from our work and not bought. We are obsessively passionate about it and believe in it, without exceptions. We believe in delivering promised services to our clientele regardless of their professional industry.

Today, the Group, has enjoyed growth based upon customer satisfaction and our quality of service. The company proudly delivers professional services to numerous multi-national corporations (MNC), small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), and even to strategic partners. Our team, encompassing bright minds and committed individuals deliver services islandwide; nourishing any environment they delve into with improved productivity, efficiency, interaction within the office environment and their vendor/suppliers/clients across globally.

To embrace the ever-changing capabilities of IT as a catalyst to supply improved workplace productivity, efficiency and overall wellness for the people. The Group is dedicated in improving to provide a holistic one-stop IT Solution for SME companies.

Our teams provide all coverage of office solutions, from start-up new office to fully equip IT solutions.

– Managed IT Services
– 24×7 Maintenance Services
– Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation
– Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
– Managed WIFI Solutions

Do contact us if you require any other services not mentioned above as KG Sowers Group Pte Ltd is your IT Solutions Centre.
We can be reached via our online enquiry form or reach us directly via email and/or phone at sales@sowers.com.sg and/or +65 6250 2083 respectively.

Our highly trained Cisco network engineers are able to provide complete configuration and installation services for any Cisco product rented from us.