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We collect a variety of unwanted IT equipments from organizations and provide high buy-back value for items that still possess market value. (For example, Pentium 4 CPU have little market value). Our purchaser will advise accordingly upon request.

IT Equipments

  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Servers
  • Network Equipments
  • Photocopiers / Printers
1 Send us your inventory list
2 Schedule a collection date
3 Pick it up!

Used furniture
Depending on the type of furniture, a small fee will be charged for disposal and manpower services.

Used papers
We provide for companies which require huge amount of papers to be destroyed.

Unwanted IT peripherals
These items can be cables, rack, UPS, toner cartridges etc.

Contract Disposal
For a contract term of disposal, a team will be scheduled to perform collection for your organization.

What about the data in my hard drives?
As company data may be confidential, companies can choose to retain their hard drives or go for data destruction (Onsite physical destruction/degauss). Additional charges will apply per hard drive.

Due to our company write-off policies, can you provide certificate of disposal?
Yes, we will endorse the certificate of disposal upon request. Customer are to provide the necessary information such as model and serial number.

Is there a minimum number of equipments for disposal?
Generally, there isn’t. However, we will give priority for customer who have huge quantity of items to dispose as these are usually urgent cases.

How do you pay us?
Upon collection, we will pay cash.

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