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Our team of experienced pre and post sales in the business focus on IT Services and Solutions to SMBs and SMEs whom recognises the value of IT Systems and how these Systems improve their Business Productivity.

As the world continues to improve and evolves with the everchanging information technology that has been improving the lives of many, IT has also break down the boundaries of what’s possible. Transformation of how businesses operate, relying on technology to provide productivity, efficiency, limitless communication and interaction across globally.

As such, security are a due threat in every environment. Over here we work with industrial expert and aimed to provide network security by using next generation of firewall (NGFW) to protect the core network platform from outside perspective. NGFW is an integrated network platform that combines a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functionalities such as an application firewall, intrusion prevention system, web filtering, anti-virus gateway to fully safe guard the corporate information be it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and more.
In this digital world of information technology, limitless communication between human and corporate businesses created a huge data flow on a day to day basis. Data is a big part of our current world, be it via social media or corporate data sharing.

As such, network infrastructure serve as a platform for all form of communication. Be it from mobile devices to computer devices, server hardware appliance to software application, a robust network platform serve as the backbone fundamental for all the underlying data. Our team aims to provide the best network solution to cater to the individual business need, so as to provide productivity, efficiency and limitless communication within the businesses.
Our experienced team provide critical power solution & installation, specialize in electrical cabling works and power up UPS for Datacenters and Server rooms.
We include the following services:

  • UPS Installation
  • Battery Replacement
  • Electrical Hardwiring for UPS
  • Load Balancing for 3Phase UPS
  • Relocation and Rental of UPS
  • Extended Warranty & Preventive Maintenance

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